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MCR Active Funding Award to Drive Girls Futsal Forwards

by Charlie Rhodes

We are delighted to announce that Manchester Futsal Women’s Club has been awarded a £5,000 fund from MCR Active to develop futsal for girls aged 16-18 years across the city. This is huge news for the club and for the future of women’s and girls’ futsal in Manchester. The project will be part of the Sport England ‘This Girl Can’ initiative in Manchester and the club will be working closely with MCR Active to maximise the opportunity.


Our aim will be to create a sustainable futsal offer for girls across Manchester aged 16-18. We will provide opportunities for girls who are at risk of dropping out of sport and support the development of new social futsal teams, as this is an age group where futsal provision is currently lacking.



Part of our project will be to also develop and mentor new female futsal coaches as we aim to create a new workforce of female futsal coaches connected to the club. The role of Player Ambassadors from our senior women’s team will be a critical part of a ‘call to action’ to reach young players by telling their futsal stories. Working alongside our partners and stakeholders, we will endeavour to make futsal readily accessible to this age group through recreational sessions that welcome all abilities and fitness levels.


Our medium-long term aim is to establish a recreational futsal league here in Manchester for girls aged 16-18. This will in time provide a pathway into our senior women’s team for players looking to play competitively and represent the City of Manchester on the national stage. For those players who wish to simply play for fun, a local league would serve as a great place for social bonds to be forged whilst players enjoy the benefits of our wonderful sport.



Speaking on the announcement that the MCR Active funding was secured, Leanne Skarratt (Women and Girls Co-ordinator) was clearly delighted; 


‘This is a project that we are massively excited about. We have witnessed the positive impact that futsal has had on the lives of our senior and younger players – now it is time for us to provide a unique offer for girls who may never have otherwise come across our sport’.


Club Chairman Simon Wright was also confident that the funds can make a positive addition to the sporting landscape of the city on the back of a difficult period where indoor sport has been locked down; 


‘We’re really pleased that we can use this project as a springboard for improving girls futsal in Manchester. It’s a positive lift at a time when our operations have been put on hold. I’m looking forward to getting our schedule of activities mapped out and engaging young female players to join in our sport.’



Make sure you look out for all of the supporting information and promotional activity once futsal can return from the government restrictions. 


If you would like to find out more about how you or your child can get involved please email Leanne Skarratt – [email protected]


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