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Sergi Saldana - "We can't keep making the mistakes we are"

by Riegan Thompson

Sundays Super League fixture saw Manchester's two game winning streak come to and end in dissapointing fashion with a 9-1 home defeat at the hands of Sussex Futsal. 

Manchester went into the break two goals down. However, things could have planned out differently had Pinto's goal just before half time been allowed to stand. 

In the second period, Manchester appeard to let frustration get the better of themseleves and Sussex took full advantage. 

Sergi Saldana reflected on the game, "We are not in a good moment. We won against Salisbury playing more or less well but my thoughts are that the players are always under extra pressure because they want to win and offer a good game (for the fans) but when we make simple mistakes we are even more stressed and we don't enjoy playing."

"We need try to avoid this simple mistakes but at same time try to be more calm. It's probably my fault because I'm always giving instructions and shouting from the bench and I should give them more freedom to play. We train every week and they already know what I want so they are enough old to know what to do."

Sergi prefered not to comment on the refereeing performance that saw Pinto's goal controversially ruled out, a number of Manchester players booked and Pinto subsequentally sent off. 

"I prefer to focus on our mistakes. The level of the referees is what it is and we should focus more on our problems. It's true that a simple decision can change the course of the match but we can't keep making the mistakes that we are."

After Pinto's dismisal it looked like some heads began to drop for Manchester, something Sergi himself noticed. "It's very clear that we are not confident. Futsal is a very psychological sport and when we make mistakes, players become more frustrated because we are conceding easy goals in all matches and then we get discouraged because it seems that most of time we have to play against ourselves instead of play against the other team."

Sergi was full of praise for the devlopment team who ran out 13-1 winners against Stoke City Futsal. "The Development team is the best news of this season. They are open minded, they want to learn and play smart and most of them are growing a lot. In the not too distant future some of them will be better than some of first team, not because of they skills, but for their desire to learn and give everything."

Manchester will look for an immediate return to winning ways as we host Newcastle Futsal at the NCC (Sunday 11th November, 14:30 Kick Off). Tickets can be purchased from the online club store HERE.

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