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Player Profile: Thomas Lindsay: Manchester Futsal Youth

by Nathan Linley

Player Profile: Thomas Lindsay: Manchester Futsal Youth


He eats, sleeps and breathes futsal. The U13/14 squad member Thomas Lindsay is in the spotlight this week as discovers what keeps Thomas coming back each week for more. 

How long have you been playing futsal? I have been playing now for 3 years since the development centres in Stretford with Ilya. 
What do you love the most about the game? The pace, technical aspects and movement around the pitch but most of all the close skills and control required to play the game. 
How has it benefited you? My touch has improved, as well as my skills and close control. 
Who is your coach and what is your favourite thing about their coaching? Doug Reed and Ilya Ovechkin are my coaches. They make the sessions very interesting, they do not take things too seriously which takes pressure off the players and makes it more enjoyable.
What's something you can't live without besides futsal? Xbox

Why Futsal over Football? Futsal is good to watch and play, it is indoors which helps the sessions in winter and it’s a good game.