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Player Profile: McKenzie Walker - Manchester Futsal U12s

by Nathan Linley

Player Profile: McKenzie Walker - Manchester Futsal U12s

The Manchester Futsal spotlight shines bright this week on U12s player McKenzie Walker.  Going into his fourth year into the wonderful game of Futsal, young McKenzie is learning every single day from fantastic players, staff and volunteers at the club.  Here’s what McKenzie had to say about his futsal career so far.



How long have you been playing futsal? 

I have played for almost 4 years.
What do you love the most about the game? 

It is a very fast game and you can pass and move quickly and use your skills to your advantage.
How has it benefited you? 

My footwork has been massively improved and my reaction times.
Who is your coach and what is your favourite thing about their coaching? 

Giles Collier and Ilya Ovechkin are the coaches that I look up to.  My favourite thing about their coaching is that when we play a match and there is something that we all need to improve on, they teach it us the next training session.
What's something you can't live without besides futsal? 

Football all sporting activities.

Why Futsal over Football?

I also play for an Academy Football Team and enjoy being part of my Futsal team. I could not compare them. The only difference for me is that football we play outside on grass and can be much slower. Futsal is much quicker and dry indoors.  I have the desire to play both sports.  Both sports bring out the best in me. Speed, skills, physical attitude or team play. Complete desire for these games.