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RADUCIO KING: Why I love futsal

by Andy Donley

Here at Manchester Futsal Club we’re passionate about futsal, and believe that it is a sport with massive, unexploited potential in our country.

We’re dedicated to growing the sport. But why? Why do we think that futsal is the best sport for you and your children? Why do we love futsal?

Well that’s exactly what we’ve asked everyone at the club, from the chairman down, in a new weekly feature that will reveal exactly why we choose to spearhead English futsal.

This week it was flamboyant pivot Raducio King who talked us through why he loves futsal.

What is your first memory of futsal?

I played in a national tournament with my then college, Nicholls Campus at the College of Manchester. Simon Wright (MFC Chairman) put us in it, and we won it!

When did you first play the sport?

I played it in 2007 for the first time, but I come from a street soccer background which is kind of similar as a sport.

Do you have a football background?

I have played football since I was 8, at a quite competitive level. I trialled at numerous professional clubs in England, Holland and around the world. I signed as a pro in the 2014-2015 season, but just on a one-year contract, and now I’m back at Manchester!

Why is futsal better than football?

Because you are constantly involved in the game, you get loads of touches. It improves your ball manipulation in small areas.

What is the future of futsal?

Hopefully getting loads of people involved, especially young kids, so it will become a worldwide sport.

Can England ever win the Futsal World Cup?

Never say never, but I think the chances are very, very slim. But maybe in 20 years, when it finally gets recognition in the UK.

What is your favourite futsal memory?

Winning the league with MFC. Also, playing in the FA grand final – and scoring in it as well!

Why do you love futsal?

The game is quick and you are involved more than you would in any other football sport. It helps me explore myself more.

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